Posted by: randyfriday | May 8, 2013

The Original Road Dog Cider

S.Speir- The Original Road Dog Cider

This is the label that Steven Speir designed for The Original Road Dog Cider, which is a part of the Philly-local, home brew show, ‘Shelf Life’, hosted by Masthead Print Studios.

Steven had been paired with home brewer, Alex Ciambriello, who created this apple cider.  You can read the cider’s description below:


When the moon is high and full, that’s when the Road Dogs come out.
You know ‘em when you see ‘em.  They got the top down with the radio
up, and they howl louder than an ambulance rear-ending a church bus.
Road Dogs have but one motto, “It’s my way, and the gettin’ high way!”
Burnin’ rubbers and refusing to use them.  The Road Dog’s two favorite
movies are: “Roadhouse” and “The last twenty minutes of Roadhouse.”
When the going gets tough and the road gets rough, you have to ask
yourself, “What Would Road Dog Do?”

Now crack open a bottle of this sweet, crisp, easy drinking cider and start howlin’
at the moon.  Unfiltered and straight from hell!  This cider is the reason you wake
up at a Tijuana bus station with sweat dripping from your pores, unexplained
injuries, and a tattoo that reads ‘vive el perro por carretera.’  Off in the distance,
you hear a deep howl in the wind, and you know you’re not alone.  So drink up,
hit the road, and take this dog on a long ride!

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